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Top Eleven Tips, Tricks

Top Eleven is a particularly game on the popular social media network which is Facebook. This game can be played both on iOs and android devices. In fact, there are more or less than 15 million of players who are very much interested in playing this game. It is a game related to Football wherein the player will stand as a football manager. To have this game will let you play in league and play on the Champions League or even on a friendly match. Playing this game will surely make you feel like you are a real football player that manages a football team and controls the game as much as you want.

Basically, to create an account for this game one must directly sign-in in Facebook. As you have sign-in in Facebook, you can expect that it will be safer for you to include and see your game progresses. Top Eleven is also the game that will be more fun if you will be competing with your friends in Facebook. To get familiar with the game will only mean that you have to make sure you have read all of the basic information you are supposed to deal with while playing the game.

Playing Top Eleven can be exciting when you have ways on how to get levels and missions to obtain winnings on this game. The Top Eleven tips and tricks are the easiest way for you to achieve the glory of your team. As it is one of the top and comprehensive games online, all you have to target is to collect winning points during the Championship cup. By using the Top Eleven tips and tricks you will give your team the assurance of winning the game in its best. Meanwhile, you should enjoy playing the game through inviting other players who have the same passion in playing Top Eleven. Here are the tips and tricks that will lead your way to beating other teams and bring home the bacon for winning the Championship cup of Top Eleven.

  1. Sign Up – if your device is an iOs or an android one, it will surely accept the Top Eleven application game. While you have these devices, you have to sign up with your Facebook account. As the game is already linked into your account on Facebook, it is the time for you to choose your team’s name. Remember that you cannot change the name of your team once it is already associated with your Facebook so think and decide well for it the first time you start the game.
  2. Choose your Kit – this Top Eleven tips and tricks is another step for an exciting game on your device. You have to choose the team’s jersey or the kit. You can have the chance to buy and select for new uniforms that will be used by your players. These uniforms can be purchased later on when you get more tokens as bonuses regularly. It is also a good way of putting the tokens into a good use.
  3. Set up New Local Team – as you select the players, it is necessary to carefully choose the best one. There will be the selection of names of the players and they have their corresponding star rating that determines their best in playing for the game. Each of the players can undergo trainings too in making them a good player. Those player who are in Green are considered as the starters, players in blue are the substitutes while those reserves are in orange dress. You can also drag their names to select the best and replace the worst so you’ll not worry about the formation.
  4. Make the Team Formation – as you enter the game, you can see your squad from the screen. You only have to swipe left for choosing the formation of your team. Take note of the formation you have made so you can make use of it until your next battle to come. To indicate if they are in the wrong position, you can see on the screen that the player has an exclamation net to him. You can drag the player along to any position as long as they will be on their right place.
  5. Choose a lighter Background to place a player – when you want to lace a player on their right position and where they can effectively play the game, you can tap and hold the player’s jersey and drag it to the place where it has a lighter background.
  6. Order and Choose the Players – there are some players with unique skills which will be shown when you select your team players. They have unique skills depending upon their positions to the game. You have to pick the best player as this trick will surely lead you to the way of your winning the next games your team will play and most especially when you enter the Championship cup.
  7. Check your Players – this Top Eleven tips and tricks is a good way of determining your player’s chances to wins the game for you. You have to check their conditions, quality and moral through clicking/ tapping drop-down button placed into the right corner of the screen. Take a look at their health conditions and make sure that it is not low so that they can be able to fight well in the next game.
  8. Get Money and Tokens – those moneys and tokens are essentially needed for the game. These two will help you to level up and have the chance to buy the items and other special materials for your team.

Generally, Top Eleven game is a game that also serves as a crossed-platform sports in the whole world. If you also want to play this game, follow the given Top Eleven tricks and tips above to play the game excitingly. Each of tips and tricks above has its contribution to the progress of your game. The most important thing in this game that you have to remember is the essentiality of money and tokens that will provide different benefits for your team players. Take note of each word given so you will have the chance to get to the top level of the game.

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