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Hay Day that you will Completely Miss

Hay Day that you will Completely Miss

I am always wondering, why are those people, who play farming games, feels the excitement as if they love the actual farm work? Somehow, not every person has the persistence to work or effort to wake up every morning and work on the fields, milks the cows, and harvests the plants, but that’s all what the Hay Day game mean for you.

Once you have seen a building or houses, together with its land, outbuildings, and farming, you will lose your interest and excitement for playing this game. However, if you tried to play this game, undoubtedly, you will see yourself stocked up playing Hay Day. This is really a fun farming game, because it produces and sells produced goods, and you can trade those items with your online friends.

Hay day is a simulation and resource collecting application which is closely similar to Farmville. The terms of service of this game require user’s age at least thirteen years old and above. It is free to play, but be patient because everything takes a long time to build, find, create, and grow new resources. If you really need all things to speed its production, you can use real money to purchase in-game gold and diamonds. To be able for you to easily get and buy plenty of diamonds from the other players, you may connect it to your Facebook account and Game Center if your phone is iOS devices.

There is simplicity of process with the featured background which is created for the fictional characters and motion pictures. The Hay Day’s story which it intends to convey to us:

“You have been left from a wide farm for you to take care of and you are liable to handle all farm works. You will do the daily routine and raising animals like sheep, cows, and chickens, and you will grow the plants and harvest its crops like corn and wheat. You will also have to toss continuously with a countless and extreme great number of tasks that makes the ranch excellent. Your animals and other living creature must be fed, and make sure that your silo is well painted. And eventually, visitors from the other town may dropped by, offers you a several tasks and money just for your ware and stocks like bread and eggs.”

  • Engagement

With the plenty of activities, animals, crops, and products, Hay Day game has continuously developed. With the buildings and homes built, you can keep this game from being a home run.

  • Learning Approach

This game is not hard to learn. In fact, it helps children to have the freedom to think and pursue their personal interest without the feeling of controlled and unable to act in a cool and relaxed in natural way because of mental restraint and self-consciousness.

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So, to be able to become the master fisherman or best farmer, the game Hay Day is truly just right for you. I’m going to equip you with the Hay Day tips and tricks, so better pay attention.

  1. Go Get Some Diamonds – The main in-game currencies in all games nowadays is coins or gold, but diamonds considers the most valuable form of currency which all game offers a great features. Having a successful farming trip, every time you upgrade, and level up, you will surely come up into getting diamonds for any of your troubles. Synchronize your Facebook account with this Hay Day game, and now you can catch some free coins and diamonds. You will surely waste all your real money if you don’t have enough diamonds, but you can just save your money when you reached the level twenty four.
  2. Sell Some Goodies and Resources for you to Get Some Extra Coins – Now that you know how to pack up your wallet with expensive diamonds, there is a method that surely makes your coin increase, take a peek through the newspaper of the other farmers. Then, when you see such equipment for construction like dynamite, try to buy all of them in bulk. Sell each of the items which you have purchased that costs one hundred eighty and two hundred twenty coins a pop. In that reason, selling all of those items, you will surely get some extra benefit and coins over a long period of time. After you sold those items, you need to advertise it so that your advertisement will spread out to public. So this is going to be your success if you get your Hay Day richer.
  3. Stay Connected with your Crops and Animals – Now that you have finally understand the concept and idea of your farm, crops, and animals, every aspect will begin to mesh well and considering the concerned for your game process.
  4. Trick your Hay Day Followers, Friends, and Helpers – This simple trick is very great to use and convincing all your Hay Day helpers, followers, and friends that you only received a double quantity and amount of coins, and experience the thrill for you to complete the boat order.
  5. Determine Which Items You Will Need in the Near Future – Letting the visited delivery boy to give you several hints, and helpful tips, will be easily for you to determine which items you will needed to the forthcoming days.
  6. Fast Experience – If you reach level fifteen or up, and you have the apple trees, the one thing that you should do is to pick all of those fruits, and then instantly you will have to receive seven bonus points per apple.
  7. Free Stuff – Purchase a lot of wheat on the store until your silo get full, then plant half of it, after doing that turn your device up, down, and shake while cutting off all wheat, and instantly, you will received free items.

Generally, this simulation game is a gem and resource stealing which available for free in the Android Play Store and Apple Store. If you are a fan of farming games, then Hay Day is definitely just right for you. This is visually attractive and keeps your sensation for agriculture dizzy for the next hours.


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