dragon city

Dragon City Tricks, Tips

Dragon City Tricks, Tips

dragoncityAre you one of those people who can’t get enough of playing computer games? If yes, then you might be interested in playing one of the most popular games that are played by many people which is the Dragon City game. This is an exciting, full of adventure and unique game that allow you to conquer the world of online gaming together with the presence of the animated dragons on screen. These Dragons are the center of the game and everything that it does allows you to do well that will surely amaze and make you addicted into it. You may surely enjoy this only when you learn on how to get the Dragon City Tricks and Tips that will surely guide you to level up and achieve the highest score for this game.

Elements of Dragon City

Dragon City has 8 basic elements for each Dragon in the game. These Dragon elements are the Sea, Flame, Ice, Dark, Metal, Terra, Electric and Nature. You (the player) once get some of the rare Dragon like Soccer Dragon or Cool Fire can have the chance to a new Dragon breed which are called Legendary and may become Pure Dragons after a while. To get these elements are one of the challenging things that this game attracts every gamers out there.

dragon city tips

Dragon Habitat

Each Dragon in the game has its own habitat. Each of these habitats has its pros and cons that you should know before playing the game. The habitat of Terra Dragon as an example as low gold cap which is more or less than 500; however the Terra Dragon has its high earned gold or min. Meanwhile, the Sea habitat has its high gold cap which is more or less than 7500 but the Sea Dragon has low earned or min potential. To overcome the cons of these two Dragons with their habitat, it is good to breed them together for the purpose of getting mud or a waterfall dragon so they can be on the sea habitat.

To enjoy the Dragon City game, it is really to collect the gems that will allow you to easily get your Dragon to put into their habitats. Here then are Dragon City Tips and Tricks that will help you out to collect the Gems and be able to enjoy the game while you pass every level.

  1. Get Gems -to get the gems are considered as the best way to enjoy and get the best result of playing this game. As you earn the gems, you can make sure that you can play the game as you want it with the result that you will surely be amazed. With the gems that you are earning, you will always have the privileges to get its benefits.
  2. Play it on Mobile – to play it on mobile is the best way of having the breeding of the Dragon easier for you. As you have your account and current progress for breeding, you may remove your Dragon City app to let the breeding be suspended and have it in your mobile phone. In this way, you may again continue playing the game and continue the breeding of the Dragons to make it perfectly into the Marketplace.
  3. Add Many Friends – this is in relation to market tips and what you are supposed to do is to add many friends to play also the Dragon City. You can make a good rank and be more motivated to play this game as the people you have invited may also like the game that you have liked.
  4. Send Invitations – to help your Dragon City marketplace, sending invitations to your friends is the easiest way to make your goal successful. Make sure that all of your friends list will have an invitation so you’ll be able to maximize the income for the foods and gold of your Dragon City marketplace.
  5. Wait till 12 hours – in collecting, you have to wait until 12 hours is done. It is important to make a note, which will remind you of how much gold and food you have for your Dragon.
  6. Collect – after you are done for the waiting moment that the marketplace is ready, you may already click on the collect button for the gold and food. Make sure that you didn’t click anything else there. Once you are done collecting, you should immediately visit Dues or, any of your friends in the game. But if you want to be safe, then choose Dues instead.
  7. Wait for the Dues – since you have chosen for Dues, you have to wait for it until it loads. You have to wait for the Dues Island and if they have loaded, click then the button for returning to home.
  8. Check for your Collections – checking for collection is one of the main works that you are going to take in playing the game. The more you collect gold and food, the more you are able to enjoy the benefits of it for the game.
  9. Expand you Territory –expanding territory is one of the amazing things that you will in this game. As you expand your territory, you will be able to open the opportunity to have many habitats in the game.
  10. Get more Crystals – to have more earning rate or min, make sure that you have earned for crystals too. But you should take note that legendary Dragons in the game will be better if you have at least of it. Either of the two will be a good option, you just have to think which will be more appropriate to the game.

These Dragon City tips and tricks will help you in playing the game more exciting. As you play this game, you will be able to know that it is all about breeding Dragons, collecting gems or crystals as well as foods or min that enables you to have your Dragon Habitat and expand your territory. Generally, the game’s great adventure is something unique that most players love to play. You too can be one of them you just need to take note of the given tips and you’ll surely love it too.

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