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Boom Beach – Follow up Game for Clash of Clans


Boom Beach game is a combat strategy, free to play game, and accessible to download at iOS and Android for any type of devices. Boom Beach’s featured setting is mainly played at various island bases, unlike the Clash of Clan’s featured setting is in medieval villages. Your task for gaming is to explore different tropical archipelago and take an aggressive action against evil Blackguard’s island bases. Discover all different ancient statues, life crystals, and powers. You may have also ruined the immoral plans of boss enemies to prevent them to do such dastardly actions.


boom beach diamondsThis is so good to have the intellect mind of the developer, Supercell as he never break a proven method on his creation, Clash of Clans and put the modern skin on Boom Beach, which has the same level of an approachable and well-polished featured designs. This game is very simple for you to understand, yet the provided tutorial gives you a concise feeling of excitement and clear mind, very effectively. Once you have upgraded all your island base structures, think of the better solution on how to lead your own base, and attack the other opponents as well as the forts spreads through your map of the sea, which are controlled by a computer. Boom Beach will surely capture your fascinated attention of gaming, and it will benefit you from giving a great moments with unforgettable excitement. Fight for the numerous beachheads, take free of the enslaved native and inhabitant of an island, explore the unfamiliar archipelago, and feel the attractive paradise of different islands which are conquered by the enemy. So now, are your BOOM ready?

boom beach tips

Here are some helpful Boom Beach Tips and Tricks that you must know, for you to have an advantage against your friends and opponents.


  • Attack While Building – It may take you long hours or to be exact, two hours before you can upgrade your headquarters and building economy as you progress, so it is really important for you to keep discovering and as well, attacking enemies while you are building your economy, headquarters, landing ships, and sniper towers. By doing that, you can also make your new own troops while having the process of headquarters’ building and upgrading other resources. You must start building or upgrading your headquarters, while multitasking. By doing so, you will have to take your time before you have decided to put your game down.
  • Upgrade and Strengthen Your Base Before Quitting – Several kinds of Boom Beach’s structures and buildings will take you a lot longer to wait before you rebuild another one. So must plan wisely before you add other resources, because you will only build one at a time. So, you must first build the resources that have a short time period of building while you are playing and if you decided to close the game, start to build the resources which have a long time building required. If your items and resources are done for being built, you can instantly receive notifications if the process were done even when you are out of the game.
  • Make Your Trees Into Lumber – In the Boom Beach’s early stages, there are plenty of trees that you can transform through wood and in chance, you will receive gold. But if you lose all your gold and you prefer to build a new building, it will offer you with diamonds instead. But remember that diamonds are really important for your next building and if it loss, you will cost a dime. Tap on any tree and hit the shovel as it will transform your six hundred gold to three hundred lumbers.
  • Use Diamonds Wisely – Diamonds are not regenerates so you must give importance to it. Building sawmills, and other headquarters requires two diamonds, but don’t make your buildings complete with the use of seven diamonds, you may wait until it is done because you are only a starter. You will need it in the next process. So make a wise decision for wasting a diamonds.
  • Build and Upgrade your Radar – You can explore more islands which are not carrying your range with the use of radar. Once you have discover the map of your island, you can easily search for which you are going to attack, medals, wood, and unlock gold. To unlock the other parts of the map, it requires you to give gold, but there are plenty of gold on that location. You can open and see more of the world’s riches and material wealth with the use of the radar. So, it is your choice to upgrade your radar just to intensify your explorations.
  • Scout Surrounding Areas and Plan Your Attack – You will need to scout first before getting equipped to attack an island, because one way or another, it will waste your resources, time, effort, and may cost you nothing. So, you will need to use the scout option for you to see if you can still take that island or not, and by doing that so, it will not waste your gold with a field attack.
  • Attack Bases as Quickly as Possible and Avoid Guns – Make a plan of your attack, get away of those guns and towers. For you to win the battle, set your troops around the enemy and make sure that it will not be reached of ranges of guns and towers, or else you might be lose. By that strategy, you can gain more resources, gold, and woods.
  • Get Free Diamonds and Collect Achievement Awards – You will only obtain to get diamonds in game resources. Tap on the icon of three stars which are located at the upper left part to see your achievements. By unlocking these, you will earn free diamonds instantly. The other way, is to explore the map. Once you have unlocked something, always go to your achievements section and you can now collect your gold and diamond rewards, sometimes it contains twenty or more diamonds.
  • Build a Strong Defense – You don’t need to worry with the attacks as you are started to play Boom Beach, but sometimes players and other characters which run by a computer will surely attack you. So, start your strong defense but make sure it covers the parameters. You will gain knowledge and strategies, and learn from mistakes from every island’s weaknesses which you have defeated. The other advantage is that, multiple layers of defense with a numerous types of weapons.
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If you are regularly playing the Boom Beach, what tips and tricks do you have to share with us, that makes a great impact to those gamers and to be able for them to build a stronger and successful island base and troops?

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