8 ball pool tips

8 Ball Pool Tips Android & iOS

8 Ball Pool Tips

Most people especially the children are fond of playing any kind of games. One of those is the 8 Ball Pool game. It is the world’s number one pool game on Android. In this game you need also to get a lot of coins and have a highest score. To deeply enjoy this game, this article will provide you some tips that will help you become the best player around the world.

8 Ball Pool Tips

If you want to become one of the best players, you need to play like a professional. There are lots of things to consider in order to win in the game. One of the first things that you should check is to watch your power. The amount of power that you have is very important because you can use that on your shots. With this, you are assured that you can stay on the game. Make sure that you will use it perfectly, do not waste it for nothing.

As a player you need to master the art of putting spin on the sign ball. If you know the use of spin you can avoid those feared moments. One of the best ways to do is to put the spin on your shots with the use of “arrow keys” or just click on the sign ball within the corner and drag the dot into position. The dot signifies where the sign will attack the ball. If you like to backspin, you need to move the dot to the bottom of the sign ball and for topspin or move it to the upper position of the sign ball.

In lining up your shot, you need to pay attention to the rules. You can also estimate if where the target ball will go, it will provide you a sign of where the white ball will end. You can also add some backspin to the sign ball and it should stop within its paths. The harder you hit your shot, the more spin will be added to the sign ball. But you need to be careful in using your spin and power because there will be an instance that you will be out of control.

When you are playing any kind of games, you need to know the rules. This is very essential because it will be your guide. Here are some of the rules of this 8 ball pool games;

  • When you pot a ball with your break-off round, you can still pick whether you like to take solids or strips. It will depend on you just make sure that the next ball is preserved.
  • When a ball does not hit the bar around the table, then your shot is foul. Most players experience this mistake: it allows your rival to move the sign ball on the table that they want.
  • When you put the black ball but the sign ball also goes down, then you will already lose the game. Do not forget about the rules of sign ball especially in lining up your last shot.
  • When you are playing within Cairo level or above, make sure to call the pocket. After you have called this and then you put the 8 ball within a different pocket you will already lose the game.

8 Ball Pool Tips Mobile

You need to develop a good solid break shot. This is one of the essential strategies that you need to make. With this you will be assured that you will keep your shot active and you will have a chance to run the stand. You should try to hit the sign ball from the side table and keep hitting the other ball instead of the head ball. If you consider doing this strategy, you will have more chances to make more balls on the break.

positioning-the-cue-ballEveryone knows that this is a game of position so you need to plan more than 1 shot ahead. Make sure to plan a better move for your next shots. With this you will not get caught without a shot. You should try to imagine at least to your next 2 shots after your recent shooting. It will be perfect when you use English, follow or draw, which is known as position play. Most players use this strategy that is why they become one of the best.

Do not be afraid in playing with defense. If you cannot make a specific shot, you should place the sign ball at a spot where it is difficult for your rival to make a shot. This is ideally a legal way in playing this game; even your rival will not appreciate it. You should go for the strategy that will help you to win the game against your rival. This is one of the legal ways to make.

You should try to avoid the “bank shots” because it is considered as challenging shots compare to “most cut shots”. It will add another level of difficulty to your round. You need to pick a ball, which is close to eight ball because it will be your “key ball”. Make sure to save this ball as your last round so that when you hit it you are assured that you will have a good shot.

Another tips to remember and this is very important especially if you want to be the best player in this game. Make sure that you will play the game more often. Some of the top players have become the best because they have simply played a lot of Eight Ball Pool and advanced their abilities. They have enough knowledge on how to use their power on every shot that they make. They are also aware on which spin they need to use and how to plan the sequence of shots.

Everyone knows that every game has its own rules and strategies to make. You will enjoy more of the game if you have some knowledge on how to play it. 8 ball pool games is considered as one of the challenging games. In this game, you need to be a wise player and you need to follow some rules in order to win. The different tips given above will help you on how you are going to play this game as a professional player.

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