Tales of Link Cheats and Tips [Video]

Tales of Link Cheats and Tips [Video]


Tales of Link

The Tales of Link is a popular RPG game created by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Inc. It is a freemium RPG mashup where players are given the chance to recruit their favorite characters from other “Takes of” games.  Tales of Link is popular in “Tales of” game users as it offers an all-new story designed for mobile users.

With the game, you can create your own group of heroes out to fight tactical battles on the journey of saving the world. To get ahead of other players, there are some Tales of Link cheats and tips you can use to guide you through the game.  Use this and you can become the strongest warrior in the exciting world of Tales of Link. Here are some of Tales of Link cheats and tips for you:

  1. Beginner Summon

In order to get your very first 5-star hero along with three 4-star heroes, launch the Beginner Summon. With these heroes, you will have better chance of conquering the early quests as well as getting more hero stones. When you have accumulated more of them, you can surely get enough stones for a second summon which will get you two more 4-star heroes.

  1. Complete Missions

One effective way that helps your 5-star hero to get stronger is by completing missions. Daily contracts allow you to obtain things like stamina gel, hero points and LP. Missions allow you to get a hold of a variety of heroes and items that can help you in your journey. If you can complete a higher level mission, you may even get another 5-star hero so it’s best to involve in more of them.

  1. Joining Events

When you join Events, there is a good chance for you to get more 4-star heroes. The good thing about getting more heroes it is that when you get multiples of them, their limit can be broken. You see, getting limit-broken 4-star heroes are interestingly valuable especially when in their highest level. On that note, it is wise to join as many Events as your party can for lots of chances to get 4-star heroes.

  1. Know More About Weapons

In order to make your hero stronger, it will do you good to learn more of the different types of weapons in Tales of Link. There are five types you can use: shooting, slashing, bashing, thrusting and magic. It will also great to be familiar of the ten weapon levels from N to UR++. To get more gears and ingredients, you can use gear summons or you can join events. Weapons from events are also known to be stronger than ordinary weapons.

Fight Tips

In the case of fighting, there are a number of Tales of Link tips you can use. When playing Tales of Link, there are going to be a lot of fighting so it is important that you get it right. On that note, here are some Tales of Link tips and cheats for fighting:

  • The first thing to remember is to know your elements. You want to make the most damage and it comes when two opposing elements crash. That being the case, best to remember that fire beats wind, earth beats water, water beats fire and wind beats earth.
  • Always take note of your health bar when going on an enemy. The weaker enemies are always the first. But don’t go on wasting your power inflicting a lot of damage to an enemy that you could have easily defeated.
  • You can always use your special moves to make a difference in the fight. You can use it to boost not only your attack and defense but also your health.
  • When you see a blue marker underneath the health bar of your enemy, it means they have a shield up. It is best that you focus on defeating your weaker enemies before dealing with them.

These are some of the Tales of Link cheats and tips that can help you advance in the game. Of course, there are still a lot of ways you can discover to help you improve. The fact is that Tales of Links is a very generous game that simply logging in everyday gets you some rewards. Don’t forget to redeem these free gifts and use the Tales of Link cheats above to get more out of this fun game.

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