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Social Wars Hack

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Hack added:
Gold, timber, oil, steel cash

After Hacking Social Empires, we observed that a social Wars hack would be very easy to make, because it is based on the same engine and algorithms. Published another game of social points, Social Wars managed over 5,000,000 players get an impressive thing in today’s game industry. In this game you will need to gather troops to protect the earth from the invaders orcs! I personally love the Chibi soldiers they seem so funny. However, the AI seems to be poorly optimized, but that’s not such a big problem. At first, resist this alien horde, need to build to training facilities as a base and to gather troops. Each action consumes energy, and each building consumes other resources. That’s why this hack you will need by all the resources to help you need.You better units because they attack faster or better damage. It is also to move faster and reach the attacks on.
The Social Wars Hack will give you:
* Free Gold
* Free war chest
* Free wood
* Free Oil
* Complimentary steel

Written by HackerAdreanna


  1. islam · July 20, 2013

    this is buetiful

  2. Diego · October 4, 2013

    deben hacer este hack porque funciona
    y te da mucho cash en social wars

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