Pou Hack Generator Coins & Potions Hack

Pou Hack Generator Coins & Potions Hack


Pou Cheat

Do you have a pet that you take care of? Feed them, bathe them, play with them and watch them grow through levels. Taking care of your Pou is also similar.

Pou is a popular game especially amongst children’s and even adults where the players are supposed to take care of an online creature. Alien’s look-alike is shaped like a triangle and is similar looking in shape and color to us humans. The adorable alien loves to eat and play. The main objective of the game is to feed and play with Pou and watch them grow. But players need to be watchful over their remaining lives. Once the lives are finished, the player cannot continue until he/she gets more lives.

Pou is free to download on Google play but costs $1.99 if you download it through Itunes for your iOs devices. The game requires in-app purchases to continue such as an adult potion and grey color body for $.99. Extra coins are also bought by the in-app purchases. It becomes quite expensive for most people to spend real money on a virtual pet.

Pou Hack is the answer to your problem! The hack Pou tool works on both – android and iOs devices. The hack allows the players to have access to unlimited number of coins, potions, lives, and much more. The Pou cheats are easy to use and safe from viruses. Some features are:

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  • Access to an unlimited supply of coins, lives, and potions. The Pou cheat allows the players to play for a longer time and also allows unlocking of several locked features. The Pou hack also transforms the color of the Pou’s body to grey.
  • Ease-of-use. The app can be used with android and iOs compatible devices.
  • Language support: The Pou hack supports many different languages apart from English.
  • Updated frequently. The hack Pou is updated regularly and keeps the players updated with the changes within the game.

How to install:

The downloading and installing process of the Pou hack is easy and convenient. All the users have to do is install the Pou cheat from its official website. Once the installation is completed, connect your android or iOs device to your system. You will receive a message within seconds once your device is detected by the system. The tool will ask you for the number of resources that you require. Enter the amount that you need (i.e. lives, coins) and press the hack button. Reload your game after waiting for a few seconds. Tada! You have bonuses added to your game. Now you can enjoy the game without having to wait for lives to be refreshed.

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