PAC-MAN Puzzle Tour Cheats to Obtain the Highest Score Possible

PAC-MAN Puzzle Tour Cheats to Obtain the Highest Score Possible


Pac-Man Puzzle Tour Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Have you ever played the PAC-MAN Puzzle Tour? If not yet, you still need to learn more about this game that has been introduced by Bandai Namco Entertainment. This is currently available for all iOS devices and since it is appealing to a lot of players, it would mean of an Android version to follow.

But, as compared to other old Pac-Man games, Match 3 is still the main mechanic. You are only required to solve a lot of puzzles like fighting the ghosts- Clyde, Pinky and Blinky. They are the ones who have stolen all the fruits. But then, there is a big twist to this game making it even more extra-challenging.

Even though other old tips introduced still apply, here are the few cheats highlighted just for you. Check out the list below for the PAC-MAN Puzzle Tour cheats for you to obtain the highest score possible.

Learn About the Time Limit

Learn that in this game, a time limit is all the more common. This is not like those games wherein you have all the time to be able to make a move. You also need to ensure that it is the best move possible. This also requires you to act on quickly and complete the puzzle at exactly allotted time possible. Never mistake this game just like the typical games out there.

Intend to Have Matches of More than Three

The good thing about this game is that it still has a lot of its old Match 3 mechanics. These technicalities consist of making special pieces after matching more than 3 pieces. When you have created a vertical or horizontal line with 4 matching pieces, you could expect to obtain a Line fruit.

But by simply matching five pieces and not just three, often in T-shape, and matching five different fruits in a row enables you to obtain a Galaxian. You can simply continue on those special pieces. But, the latter technique of matching helps you in clearing the board out the faster way possible.

Mix All Those Special Pieces to Bring Out the Most Amazing Effect

Even though it might be good and interesting to create a perfect and special piece, you can actually combine all other pieces to be able to clear out the board faster. You can further combine 2 lines of fruits and remove a column or row.

When you have combined a line fruit and bell, this helps you eliminate 3 columns or rows. This will still depend on where exactly you have done the match. In this regard, there is still nothing that compares to the process of combining 2 Galaxians. There is nothing that is more awesome than doing that.

Clear the Levels by Having 3 Stars and Follow the Process of Grinding it Out

You should understand it from the start that you need do your part in terms of grinding. This is simply because of the fact that you have to obtain stars to advance to the next world. With your score obtained at a stage, you can get 1, 2 or even 3 stars. For you to obtain 3 stars, you need to complete a stage with a lot of your leftover moves. With your leftover move, it can give you a special piece and it can add up to your own score.

With those special pieces, you can likely get a chance to score three stars, a perfect score you indeed would want to achieve from the start. If ever you have not scored three prior to your first attempt, you may still replay it to obtain a perfect three.

While You are Still in a Tight Situation, Make Use of Special Items

If ever you have been caught up in a tight situation, you need to make use of special items such as the Mini-Pac. This will help you eat the fruit that you like best enabling you of making a better match. Even the Warp also swaps 2 pieces exactly of your choice. And thus, you make even better matches right through the board.

With Moves+5, it lets you add up 5 extra moves if you want to escape and run out of them. Just by using Pac Coins, you are on your way to purchasing these items. These also enable you to watch all those advertisement videos for free.

Let Your Game Get Connected to Facebook

PAC-MAN Puzzle Tour is not intended to be played just by a single player. Thus, let your game get connected to Facebook if you are surrounded by a lot of gamers. Your circle of gamers/friends would like to send you stars or hearts. You may also exactly send them over if ever they need the same help.

Now, you have learned some of the cheats to be able to obtain the highest score possible!

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