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Elves Realm Hack Cheats Trainer Tool – Elves Realm Hack and Cheats 100% Working

Here is the Elves Realm hack and cheats 100% working trainer for Android, iPhone, iPad and iOS by Hackersuniversity.com that will give you free unlimited crystals, gold and magic tickets. This trainer is highly recommended and the best hack tool to get generate crystals to purchase the best available cards in the Magic Pack.

Elves Realm trainer is easy to use and you can easily add crystals plus gold to enhance and upgrade all cards in your account with just a few clicks of button. This hack tool has been designed by using an exploit in the Elves Realm game which will not put your account at risk while playing this game.You can check the screenshot hacking proof below (9,999,999 Crystals, Gold and Magic Tickets) for more details.

About Elves Realm

Welcome to the world of Elves Realm! Elves Realm is a card game that is full of challenges available on Android and iOS devices. The game lets you explore Mazes, discover card characters, and be on a journey while you collect and build your card deck. It is a free to play MMORPG card combat game where you will play as a Hero with the goal to travel and defeat the Dark Dragon King. It features a unique story line, battles, community and over 1000 cards to collect and master.

Build your deck and put it to a test in the Arena and see how you rank with players all over the world. Elves Realm is easy to play but very hard to master as it requires strategy and quick thinking to win battles. Conquer its magical world today and start collecting 5 star cards like the Ares, Lich Lord, and Winged Snake. Build the most powerful and strongest deck in Elves Realm.

Battle Tutorial

  • Your Hero will always be shown at the bottom of the screen while the opponent will be shown at the top. Both Hero’s HP are shown on the left of the screen.
  • In each round, the player draws a card at random from the deck and moves it into the preparation zone.
  • There’s a waiting time for each card in the preparation zone. When the number reaches 0, the card can be placed in the battlefield.
  • You can tap the card to move it into the battlefield.
  • Click attack to begin.
  • Each card has 2 attributes, Attack and HP. During combat the card will always attack any card laying directly across from it.
  • If there is a defending card directly across from the attacking card it will take the damage and lose HP. If there is no card, the opponents Hero will take the damage.
  • Once a card’s HP hits 0, it will be moved into the Cemetery. If all of your cards are in the cemetery, or your Hero’s HP is 0 you’ve lost the battle.
  • You can tap Auto if you feel confident you’re going to win. The system will play out the remainder of the battle for you.
  • Upon Victory you will receive win rewards like gold and exp.

1. Start the Elves Realm Hack Tool.

2. Select your Platform, choose whether you will be using it for Android or iOS. (No root or jailbreak needed, you just need to connect your device and patch the Elves Realm with the trainer.)

3. For Android and iOS, plug-in your device using USB and click Detect Device button (Elves Realm should be already installed). A popup message will show if your device is successfully detected. The Trainer will auto select the Server that you have last played. In case that your character is on a different server, you must manually change the Server detected.

4. To update the trainer to its latest version manually, click on the Settings icon to open the Settings menu and click on the Manual Update button. Current supported servers are Titan, Zeus, Ares, Seraph and Lilith. In case your server is not listed, kindly use the update button to detect new servers.

5. Edit the values for crystals, gold and magic tickets.

6. Click on Patch Game and wait until Elves Realm trainer completes patching. (You need to have Internet connection.)



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