Discover the Link Between Worlds Hero Mode Tips and Review

Discover the Link Between Worlds Hero Mode Tips and Review


The Legend of Zelda : A Link between Worlds Game Tips

The Legend of ZeldaThe Legend of Zelda: Link between Worlds Hero Mode is a serious thing.  The Hero Mode has come along into 2 different Zelda games for this year and these are the Link Between Worlds and Wind Waker HD. There are some major differences between the two of them and the most obvious of all of those facts is the Wind Waker HD Hero Mode has been made available right through the outset wherein in the Link Between Worlds, you can unlock it through winning the game. It simply means that the game does not have any turns or twists at all. Supposedly, the Hero Mode is fine if it was opened right from the beginning of the Link Between Worlds. Here are some tips on how you can make the most of it.


  1. First of all, it is very important to jump into the Hero Mode as soon as after you beat and finish the regular mode. It is best to give yourself one or two weeks to forget all the basic details. Playing will be much more satisfying for you in that way.
  2. Talking about the Hero Mode, there are many frustrating things that you will discover about it and one of these is that the game is already difficult right from the start. This is simply because you have 3 hearts, and enemies, even rats come with full 2 hearts of damage, which is estimated 4x times as much as usual.
  3. Compared to Wind Waker HD, you will still obtain hearts from the enemies and pots yet you don’t have a backup. It simply means that you just need to get 2 hits to die. Hence, you really need to be careful underground inside the Sanctuary especially that this place is dark. The next destination is the Eastern Palace which is also a dangerous place. Here, you should obtain the 1st bottle that you could purchase from a merchant that you will meet in Kakariko. The bottle will give you a fairy that makes a complete world of difference.
  4. After going over the Eastern Palace, the Hero Mode will become less frustrating as well as more exciting. The playing scenario will go back to the normal mode, with just one caveat. This time, the most dangerous place will be Hyrule. You need to be careful when wandering all over the overworld. This isn’t a jaunt yet when you can rant a full range of items, excluding the Sand Rod, you would have more other options and you will be able to have a minimum of 2full heart containers that are worth pieces of heart. That will give you more insurance and you will settle in the routine. It is where the Hero Mode is shining and you really need to be careful and some portions of a dungeon may still be pretty difficult. Yet, you are not a quick threat of dying for each small mistake.

The Legend of Zelda A Link between Worlds Tip

It is very important to remain focused and careful when you play this game. Hopefully, you find these tips helpful. Good luck!



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