Day of the Viking – Android Apps

Day of the Viking – Android Apps


Day of the Viking

In this game, a castle, a princess and Vikings are involved. The player is the treasure defender and will need to destroy the Vikings which are coming from the princess’s treasure. The number of Vikings varies and the game has 80 levels to contend with, and numerous ways to conquer the Viking. The Vikings will keep getting stronger but so does the player who gets access to much stronger weapons. These weapons are unlocked to take the Vikings down also giving the player a chance to scale the more difficult levels with harder missions. The day of the Vikings hack and cheat tools are used to enhance the players capacity with the numerous element that are availed to him for free. This assists the player in mastery of the game enables him to get to higher missions.

The game has playfulness to it, with various cartoons that are used, but action packed at the same time. The game is not violent as some people deem it to be, since killing of the Vikings is like playing the angry birds game. The princess guides the player through the initial levels, giving the player a chance to learn the game with a bow and arrow only at the top of the castle. The slingshot is used to kill more than one Viking at a go and can be very useful when the Vikings attack in a group which is usually the case. By killing a Viking the player earns points, and coins keep appearing in the field. However by using The Day of the Viking cheat the player can access unlimited coins that will aid in purchase of premium items that are needed to see him through to victory.

The day of the Vikings Hacks and Cheats Used in the Game

Most of The Day of the Viking tips is compatible with both the android and ios operating system devices. They do not require for a device to be jail broken and will work with both. The hack comes with coin doublers, chicken feed, fistful of coins and a bag of coins. The hacks should be secure with ghost scripts to ensure a player is not detected to avoid him being banned from the game. Some hack and cheat tools may require purchase with real money of some elements while other are free. These cheats are essential especially in the very difficult missions.

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