Beast Quest Review

Beast Quest Review


Beast Quest

Beast Quest is an RPG (Role Playing Game) based in the mystical (and fictional of course) land of Avantia where you play as a youthful warrior named Tom, who must break “the wizards curse” by fighting various beasts across the land, whilst collecting treasure. The game is based entirely on an action/exploratory format, with a vast landscape present to explore. The game features some very nice graphics that have a cartoon-esy effect to them, though the yetis could’ve been a little better.



The controls are entirely on screen. The mechanics of each fight work around a shield block, a sword attack and dodging from left to right. The characters health does not restore overtime though like most other RPGs. Power ups come to you after completing certain tasks and quests which are assigned by other characters present within the game. The main beasts that will be encountered will be the wolves every now and then, and after a certain time, you will be faced by a boss battle like the leader of the wolf pack, or a demonic yeti known as Nanook.


The controls of the game are very intuitive and once a player gets the hang of the fighting sequence, the game becomes quite addictive. Like mentioned before, one drawback present is the fact that health does not regenerate overtime, which is something that would have been preferred. However the best part of the game is the environment is itself. The landscape is very immersive, and the character is free to roam as they please; in no way does the game feel like it’s linear. It can be said that the game is somewhat open world, which is greatly appreciated. Free roaming also enables the player to unlock new power ups and treasures. However, like all other games, collecting the games virtual currency (gems and gold) becomes a little boring and redundant overtime.

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